PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dana Zöllner
Dresden Research Fellow 2015/2016

Research interests:
  • thermodynamics and kinetics of polycrystalline materials; particularly nanocrystalline interfaces and surfaces
  • microstructural developments in single- and multi-phase polycrystalline metals and alloys
  • 3D structural characterization of polycrystalline microstructures in bulk materials and thin films as well as soap foams
  • modeling and simulation of coarsening processes such as recrystallization, grain growth and Ostwald ripening
  • modeling of deformation of large three-dimensional polycrystalline grain mircrostructures
  • structural analysis and grain boundary dynamics in polycrystalline graphene
  • statistical self-similarity and fractal analysis of polyhedral networks
  • multi-scale materials and their mechanical and thermal behavior

  • didactics of mathematics and physics: Projects (in deutsch)

  • diversity in natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering
Research Projects Overview
DFG-Research Project
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... Physik
... Mineralogie




News: Review Article: Grain Growth
in Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, ScienceDirect, 2016