VIM syntax file

I have written a rudimentary vim highlighter for Gambas scripts (.gbs3). The syntax file can be found here. I enable it with
:au     BufRead,BufNewFile      *.gbs3          :setfiletype gambas3
You will notice that it is not perfect and has not been modified since initially (and hastily) written in 2012. I'd be glad if you mailed me corrections or additions.


GambasMag Title Download
Jul 2014 Implementing a Collection using Mergesort PDF,
MergeCollection project,
Project + solution to exercise 2
Feb 2015 The graph interface of --
B.Lee — a Boolean logic expression evaluator --
Integrating Gnuplot into GUI applications --
NoneWriting a native component for Gambas (draft) PDF,
gb.termios' src/ files,
Termios test project,
Article source archive
Aug 2015 LIPA+ — a tiny low-level programmable machine --
Week 10 in 2016 gmd2html Process all Gambas markdown files (.gmd) recursively under
a given directory and convert them to HTML. I use this project
to write a part of this site in Markdown and only upload it
processed to HTML. The converter supports custom commands
via a Gambas plugin. This makes it possible, e.g., to include a
syntax highlighter. Go to project page.
Week 12 in 2016 gb.rss RSS and Atom feed reader.
Week 12 in 2016 gb.cddb CDDB client

As for the unfinished articles: apparently I spent my time in a different way and the completely artificial deadlines were over sooner than I noticed. If you are interested in any of those works, you can contact me via mail at tobias:gambas-buch:de.